James and Mai Wedding Sneak Peek

James & Mai Wedding Coming Soon!

I keep asking myself over and over again what would be the best way to describe these two newlyweds. However, there are not many words that can truly capture all the love and admiration that they have for one another.

Being able to share in on their wonderful wedding day and capturing each loving and tender moments is one of greatest experiences a photographer can have.

Just to give a small insight of how things unfolded that day.

The way James face just lit up when Mai walked into the room in her gorgeous wedding dress.

The little glances that they gave each other throughout the day.

The look on Mai’s face when James surprised her with his crazy dance moves.

The look on James face when Mai surprised him with a Clash of Clan groom’s cake.

How their 3 year old son Max ran out to the dance floor to join them during the first dance.

But best of all was the comments that they made about each other Mai: “Being married to James is like a renewed kind of love, I feel as I can just fall in love with him over and over again.”

James: “The one thing that remained the same was my love for you. It’s something I can’t explain. It’s something I feel when I’m with you.”

Congratulations James and Mai!


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